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La psychologie de l'entrepreneuriat: de la création de l'intention au développement de l'entreprise


Cette conférence aborde l'importance de l'entrepreneuriat, les études réalisées sur le sujet et le processus entrepreneurial.

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Writing the Empirical Journal Article

Daryl J. BEM

You have conducted a study and analyzed the data. Now it is time to write. To publish. To tell the world what you have learned. The purpose of this article is to enhance the chances that some journal editor will let you do...

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SPSS and SAS procedures for estimating indirect effects in simple mediation models

Kristopher J. PREACHER

After a brief overview of mediation, we argue the importance of directly testing the significance of indirect effects and provide SPSS and SAS macros that facilitate estimation of the indirect effect with a normal theory approach and a bootstrap approac

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The Moderator-Mediator Variable Distinction in Social Psychological Research: Conceptual, Strategic, and Statistical Considerations

Reuben M. BARON et David A. KENNY

In this article, we attempt to distinguish between the properties of moderator and mediator variables at a number of levels. First, we seek to make theorists and researchers aware of the importance of not using the terms moderator and mediator interchang

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When Moderation Is Mediated and Mediation Is Moderated

Dominique MULLER, Charles M. JUDD et Vincent YZERBYT

Procedures for examining whether treatment effects on an outcome are mediated and/or moderated have been well developed and are routinely applied. The mediation question focuses on the intervening mechanism that produces the treatment effect. The moderati

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Risking safety or safely risking? Healthcare professionals’ understanding of risk-taking in everyday work

Konstantinos ARFANIS, James SHILLITO et Andrew F. SMITH

Risk is seen as something subjective, or rather as part of the ‘‘lived experiences’’ of healthcare professionals. Results from this study indicate that the vast majority of healthcare professionals understand risk as something intrinsic to healthcare..

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Action versus inaction: anticipated affect in the theory of planned behavior


Theory of planned behavior (TPB) variables and anticipated affect were assessed in relation to drinking and avoiding alcohol and in relation to eating and avoiding fast food.

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The theory of planned behavior


This chapter describes the theory of planned behavior (TPB), a prominent reasoned action model, its conceptual foundations, its intellectual history and the research it has generated.

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The Relationship Between Safety Attitudes and Occupational Accidents: The Role of Safety Climate


This research provides empirical evidence on the relationships between employee attitudes to safety issues and accident indicators in a Spanish context. The research attempts to review to what degree those attitudes reflect a collective, or shared, climat

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Promoting safety by increasing uncertainty – Implications for risk management

Gudela GROTE

Recent developments in risk assessment acknowledge the need to capture both quantitative and qualitative uncertainties in order to better understand and manage risks. This paper goes a step further yet by arguing that existing uncertainties do not only h

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